ProVision Foundation in cooperation with Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church has established a Haiti Relief Fund which will involve funding the organizations listed to the right and will balance immediate relief and ongoing development funding as more assessment and strategy is solidified. Additional trusted organizations may be included in the distribution of this fund if deemed appropriate and helpful to the overall effort. Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church is handling the gifts for this fund.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Update: Chadasha Foundation #1

Chris and Greg arrived in the Dominican Republic; I’ve gotten to talk to Chris three or four times since he got there. Helicopters were landing people with medical needs from Port-Au-Prince. Over thirty-seven doctors were operating in shifts.
Clint arranged for two important pieces of medical equipment to go on the RAM airplane to the clinic tommorrow
Luke Doiron and Troy Moore have organized a huge campaign in Huntsville, AL for the Haiti relief effort with the support of HudsonAlpha Institute and Trinity United Methodist Church.
Numerous individuals have said they are sending monies to us and to the foundation.
Aaron should have the website up and operating tomorrow, and we should be linked to paypal for donations at that time.
Mallory Ellis has volunteered to do accounting for the ministry in regards to all this relief work.
Several members of the Twenty-somethings Sunday School class at Calvary Baptist Church have volunteered to act as runners, letter writers, general gophers, etc.
A Knoxville radio station has run announcements soliciting funds for our relief effort.
RAM has made its DC-3 airplane to take hospital supplies and doctors to the Dominican Republic. The plane will make its trip tomorrow.
Victor Atallah, a Dominican Republic heart surgeon and big supporter of our work, is getting us one hundred hospital beds, a generator, and other supplies to convert the orphanage into a hospital. Victor will be at the site tomorrow, and many of the supplies began arriving already.
We were contacted today by Project HOPE. See them at The text of their email is as follows.

Project HOPE is responding to the earthquake in Haiti and is interested in working with your facility during this effort. We have a network of medical volunteers ready to serve in areas of need and we also are able to provide humanitarian assistance (medical supplies and equipment) to facilities. Are you currently at the facility in Jimani? When do you anticipate arriving? We are sending several of our staff down to DR/Haiti in the coming days to assess how Project HOPE can best respond to the emergency. We would like to know if your facility and orphanage have a need for medical supplies and/or equipment in anticipation for those you will serve in the coming months. We would appreciate a obtaining a list from you as soon as possible. Also, please let us know the condition of the road from Sto Dgo to Jimani. You’ve indicated that the facility can hold 30 staff/volunteers easily. Is there lodging nearby for volunteers?
Vision Trust International is partnering with us to raise money for the relief effort. Visit for more details. Text concerning us follows and can be found front and center on their website.

All of us here at VisionTrust are praying for the people of Haiti affected by the earthquake. We have a partner that works with orphans in Haiti and is operating one of the few functioning hospitals at this time. We have been told that several of the orphan homes have been severely damaged (no report yet on casualties). We also estimate that by the end of today [Jan 14], nearly 5,000 people may be waiting for medical assistance at this facility located on the border of the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately, we believe that hundreds of children in this group of 5,000 will be either newly orphaned or displaced.

We have two critical needs now: 1) Funding for the high demand of hospital services; and 2) Funding to care for the hundreds of newly orphaned or displaced children.

To help now, please click DONATE. VisionTrust will make sure that the money donated will be used effectively.

Please remember to pray for the Haitian leadership, the international relief agencies and the people of Haiti. THANK YOU

GATR Technologies, a local manufacturer of inflatable satellite communications terminals, has donated communications gear to our efforts in Haiti. They are sending down a technician with our team next week to set up a wireless network capable of allowing phone, email, and internet communications in Jimani and Port-Au-Prince. This is a HUGE blessing. Many, many thanks to GATR.
We contacted Compassion Coalition, an organization linking Knoxville’s churches and ministries together, which made a plea for medical supplies to go with RAM to Haiti. The response was very positive and they received numerous supplies. Compassion sent out the following email: “Compassion Coalition tries to limit the number of emails we send out, but there is an immediate opportunity for the body of Christ to respond to the desperate situation in Haiti through a reputable and trustworthy local organization. We want you to know that you can help TODAY. RAM (Remote Area Medical) is using their transport plane to send much-needed medical supplies to Haiti. The plane is leaving TODAY, Friday, January 15th. If you would like to help make sure the plane is full of medical supplies, please purchase some things from the list at the end of this email and deliver them to RAM at 1834 Beech St Knoxville, TN 37920-2602 in south Knoxville.
Radiance Technologies has come through with satellite phones that will enable our team going to Haiti next week to have two phones with us. This will be critical as the team will be larger and more communication to manage the supply movement and treatment centers will be critical.

Thanks for your enormous efforts,
Brant Enderle

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