ProVision Foundation in cooperation with Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church has established a Haiti Relief Fund which will involve funding the organizations listed to the right and will balance immediate relief and ongoing development funding as more assessment and strategy is solidified. Additional trusted organizations may be included in the distribution of this fund if deemed appropriate and helpful to the overall effort. Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church is handling the gifts for this fund.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update: Chadasha Foundation #3

update from Chris on the field...

in the form of 100 medical doctors from Puerto Rico!!!! Through the work of Victor, 2 huge busses showed up tonight in Jimani filled with a doctors and surgeons, followed by an 18 wheeler of medical supplies!!! Every room at Jimani has now been converted to a full OR and patients are beginning to come in more rapidly!

Chris is in the process of planning trips into Haiti (the Puerto Rican docs have orders not to cross the border) with the Jimani crew to do medical work and open up feeder clinics.

Praise the Lord!!!


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