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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Update: Equitas Group

From Lance (currently in Port au Prince)

I've been with Ray Conn and Jean Robert since last night. We are distributing food today, Ray is assessing building structures at schools they work with to see if usable (immaculate conception is). 85 yrs old nun, sister Martha, is going strong and won't leave even though others are trying to get her to. When we came she was encouraging her monitors who go into the homes where restaveks live and try to change their situation for te better. 35 of them are homeless, not sure about meals, lost lots of friends and family but are going out to these homes and distributing food. When we pulled in with beans and rice they had just run out the day before.

Most devastating news was an orphanage that collapsed killing the girls in it. Jean Robert and I climbed the rubble and unexpectedly came upon workers removing two of the girls. They had removed five already. Horrible. Many of these girls had escaped a life of domestic servitude as a restavek.

Good news, you remember the restavek girl on the CNN piece they followed around with Jean Robert? The producer couldn't get her off her mind and is adopting her. She is staying at the house we are at along with two other girls in process of adoption.

Gotta go, maybe can tell more later.

Lance Robinson


Equitas Group

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  1. Lance, So glad to hear an update! I have been keeping up with you through Debbie. Have been praying for you and all the others... I know you have seen some very hard things...May God bless you in all of your efforts. I am proud to call you my friend. Please be safe.