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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Update: Chadasha Foundation #10

this is from Kris Meyer (his wife Mindy is on the team in Port au Prince this week)

Hey everyone,
I got the first phone call from Mindy tonight and she said everything is going well. I will try my best to summarize our conversation but I'm sure I won't do it justice.

The team of 25 or so are staying in a small home just outside the city and they do have one (cold) shower to share! They have some of the local haitian women that cook them breakfast and dinner each day. Typically they just snack on what they brought from home for lunch. She said the days are hot and the bugs are bad, however you don't really notice it because they stay so busy.

The first day was spent setting up the clinic and going to orphanages. Mindy said there are so many kids in need of attention both medically and nutritionally. She mention two girls had to be brought down to the clinic from treatment and how after only 2 days what a difference a little medicine and food can make! Today Mindy stayed the clinic and help with the medication distribution. She said some of the drugs are in English and others in Spanish so it was not an easy task getting everything right! Tomorrow they are planning on heading back out to different orphanages surrounding the city. She made a comment about how scared the kids still are with everything going on.

As of now Mindy is planning on coming home on Sunday. She asked that everyone continue to pray for these people who have lost everything! Pray for the medical team's strength and knowledge as they really don't know what they will see each day. She wanted to thank everyone for their prays and support so far and can't wait to share all of her amazing stories.


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