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Friday, January 15, 2010

Update: Harvest Field Ministries #4

Brian sent some new information from the girl's orphanage at Coq Chante...

A couple of items to update:
I just got off the phone with Agathe, the head caretaker for the Coq Chante girls orphanage. I told her that me and Ricot and Hippolite would be hiking in to them tomorrow (unless god gives us a helicopter) and asked what she needs and she said blankets and pants because they are all cold at night. And water because the cisterns are totally destroyed so they don't have anything to drink.
She said there is still part of the building standing but it is "only hanging in the air so we can't go in to get our clothes or blankets".
I asked Agathe if she needed anything for herself and she just said "please come and help these little girls".
Please pray for god to keep these girls warm and to quench their thirst til we can get to them.

Also Bebe, one of our workers (and Ricot's cousin) was in the same school collapse that killed Beremy Valme. Bebe survived but had serious injuries to both her legs. Ricot can't find her; he is praying someone took her to a hospital.

Keep praying,

PS while I was talking to Agathe I could hear the orphans singing in the background...

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