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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update: Harvest Field Ministries #7

Hello everyone. I haven't been able to speak to Brian myself today, but I am still hopeful that he will be able to make contact soon. We have had some spotty contact and this is what we do know about the things he was able to accomplish today:

Brian, Hippolite, and Lozama were able to make it in to the community of Belloc and confirm that the church, school, and orphanage facility are all completely destroyed. Pastor Buellier and his family did survive!!! Wousami Bates, adoptive son of our friends, and his family are also okay. Most of the homes in the Belloc Community were lost.
Brian and the guys then made the long trek(usually a 20 or more minute drive on a good day) to the Village of Coq Chante. They were able see the surviving 17 girls who resided in the orphanage and make sure they are okay. And, yes, they are okay, as well as, our friends, their caretakers. Confirmed was the significant damage to the church, school, and orphanage.

Here are some before and after pics of the orphanage.
We also know that Brian, Jean-Luc, Lozama, and Alfred (some of our friends that help us out in Haiti) were able to use the "big truck" we use for transporting food and for mission teams. The road to Jacmel was passable which is a major blessing. This will make it easier to get supplies to these communities that are closed off from any possible aide coming into Port au Prince.

This is all I know for now, but hopefully I will have new information soon and I will pass it along. Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti and also for the protection and hearts of all those trying to provide relief.

Anyone who like to know more about Harvest Field Ministries and the work we do in Haiti can go to


Rachel Lloyd, Brian's wife

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