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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update: Harvest Field Ministries #6

Hey Guys, it was a really long night last night, in Haiti and here. Please keep praying for that hedge of protection around my sweet husband and all of out family in Haiti. I am confident that Brian is exactly where he is supposed to be and, therefore, God will lead him and shelter him on his way. Thank you all. ~Rachel

Long night - lots of gunfire and yelling all around us where we slept in Delmas 75. Things settled down about 4 AM.

Late last night we learned that merje church and school are destroyed too. Pastor villas and his family are okay.

Petit Harpon (pronunced ti-apo) church and school are destroyed. Pastor Avandre and his family are okay.

So out of our 22 locations we work in we have visited or confirmed 7 of the 9 we've seen are destroyed. Trying to stay positive but it's obviously discouraging. I'm glad my God is a God of miracles

We learned that pastor serge, the head pastor at city of god, his home was destroyed. He is living in a makeshift refugee camp downtown at the Champ de Mars Park.

Now for some good news...we just heard a report that the road from Coq Chante to Jacmel has been repaired. IF this is true we can take our big flatbed (which was stranded at Coq Chante) to Jacmel and get supplies. Me, Hippolite, and Lozama are about to leave to make our way up. My plan is once we get there, well check on immediate condition of orphans, then take the truck to Jacmel and pray we can find someplace to purchase some water and blankets. IF we confirm this road is passable by truck and IF we confirm Jacmel airstrip is open and usable then that will be a huge blessing because we can let the relief supplies and people start rolling into Jacmel asap. I'll update as soon as we know.

Keep praying,

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