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Friday, January 15, 2010

Update: Harvest Field Ministries #3

**Please be aware that some of the information in this update is graphic, but it's the reality in Haiti.**

OK here is update. Gotta type quick bc low battery and signal may leave again

This morning helped for a while with Jimani clinic. Then crossed border with Chris, Greg, Jemps, and Grant. They took me to Ricots house. House has some pretty severe damage. I experienced my first aftershock today. Can't believe small ones are still happening.

Struck out on choppers to Camatin/Jacmel.

Me and Ricot visited many places in city:
Nicoles store - rubble.
Church and school and elderly housing at Savane Pistache - rubble. At least 2 children were in bldg and dead but can't get to bodies yet.
Church and school and clinic and elderly housing at City of God - rubble. We think only one girl dead there but again, impossible to get to body.

Visited Pastor Ronnigues house got there as they were removing body. Dear God help me. I can't explain the horror. Me and his sons could only stand and weep together as they took the horrible corpses of Ronnigue and his wife out from the rubble. Can't explain in words how horrible it was. Trying to find solace for now in God sparing my friend from having to see his people suffer like they are.

Visited Menes. He needs his insulin. Whitestone team needs to bring all his meds next week. Rachel has the list.

Throughout City of God, Savane Pistache, Petionville, downtown airport road, everywhere decaying bodies along the road. Some have sheets over them others a piece of cardboard. Thousands more still trapped in the rubble. A Haitian looking for his dad today in a heap of rubble and I asked how he knew to dig and he answered because this is where all the flies are going. The stench in the city is unexplainable. Everyone wearing bandanas or rubbing mentholyptus under nose because of stench of death.

Good news is that the school and church at Ti Marche are okay. It has been reported, but not confirmed that school and church at Fonde Parisian are okay.

Pastor Beaullire at Belloc we THINK is ok through 4th hand info.

David our translator is okay.

Pastor Evans (Mary Flos husband) is missing and presuming the worst.

Pastor Ernst and his mom and dad are okay.

Ricot trying to get Mona and his kids out through Dom Rep tomorrow or Saturday so he can focus on relief.

Ricot and I will travel as close as we can to Coq Chante/Belloc tomorrow then walk or ride motorcycles from there so we can get to orphans at Coq Chante.

More reports are Camatin is not safe and damage worse than initially thought. Not sure where we'll take orphans when we get to them.

As relief people coming in it's just getting crazier and busier and tensions getting high. People getting hungrier and more frustrated. I just can't explain what PaP is like. Will try to send some photos and video later if I can find a functioning computer.

Keep praying,

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