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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update: Equitas Group #2 (pictures)

Here is a photo update from Lance's time in Port au Prince as he was helping to serve Restavek Foundation.

Assessing needs of a program that works with 125 children who even before the earthquake were too poor to send kids to school or feed them well. We left food for 400 meals. They had no
food before then. There also 25 other kids whose parents are unknown that r living in streets and will show up in Sat for a meal.

Staff that are working this NGO are living in the tents as well.

Ray Conn and Jean R. Cadet are delivering food to immaculate conception.

Lance, Ray and Jean R. Cadet are at the immaculate conception compound.. This is Ray explaining the effects of the earthquake on the structure. So far everything looks pretty good and solid

Delivering food to Sister Martha, an 86 year old, Belgium nun who as been serving vulnerable Haitian children for over 30 years!

After strategizing for dispursement into the community for relief efforts. Jean R. Cadet spends time encouraging the staff toward continual dedication & sacrifice during this time of crisis, which the staff has already proven themselves to be doing. This staff is simultaneously trying to be who they need to be for their families, sleeping outside, and bringing relief to their communities as child advocates.

The program which we just left (tent city), this little girl is a part of that program. There is no food we just enough for 400 meals. There are 125 kids in program whose parents cannot afford to feed or send them to school.

25 other kids that are living on the streets now that know to show up on Sat for a meal.

They had no food until we got there.


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