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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update: Chadasha Foundation #2

I spoke with Chris, a couple of hours ago after his first full day on the ground. His following quote sums it up - "Jonathan, this is really bad." The sites and smells are unlike anything he had seen.

Good news/Bad news:
At this point it would be good to clear up a potential misunderstanding. It was thought by some that Jimani/Chadasha was playing host to over 1800 people with potentially 5000 more on their way. We were initially scrambling to look for further expertise to help us manage the initiation of a makeshift refugee camp. It turns out that this was not the case. The hospital and orphanage were home to nearly 90 people Friday night. And while caring for this many trauma victims is no small feat, it is not what we had originally anticipated (though many more may be coming.) Our initial thoughts over hearing the new, much lower, figure of patients was a cause for great rejoice, but it was follow by the reality and gravity of the fact that many people just simply did not survive.

Chris will be in full planning mode Saturday as he thoroughly evaluates the plans to proceed. At this point, he desires to move into the harder hit areas of PaP where they are hoping to use the Chadasha Guest House as a clinic. The hope is to set it up as a feeder clinic to serve those in PaP. This will also give us the ability to take more critical patients back to the hospital in Jimani.

thank you for your continued support and prayers,

**special note** Chris emphasized again that right now the greatest need from back home is cash. Doctors and medical professionals will be needed soon, but for now please consider making a donation on the link above.

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