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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Update: Haitian Adoptions

Dr. Douglas,

I will remain in contact with you regarding the coordination of food and supplies distribution times. I apologize that there is a delay in getting that food to you.

Regarding the adoptions, I am in regular contact with the Department of State. At this time we have been informed that the priority is going to be given to orphans who have already been matched with U.S. families. They are looking into creating a policy to assist those children who have not been matched but have been determined by the Haitian government as adoptable.

I am keeping a list of individuals who are interested in adopting from Haiti. Once the policy has been announced, I will make sure that the individuals are notified of the procedures to adopt and assist them in doing so.

Please let me know how we may be of further assistance. I will remain in contact you regarding the food need.

Have a good day!


FYI this is similiar to what we've been told. There are currently approx 2000 adoptions that paperwork and dossiers had already been submitted and we were told that new adoptions or emerg humanitarian parole evacuations will not be started until all the current adoptions are completed.
The guys with jcic were amazing yesterday for us at the embassy. They are an advocate group from DC helping facilitate these adoptions. We would not be taking these 6 children home now if it weren't for their assistance.
The us embassy was a mess. Dozens of Haitian children waiting to be adopted sitting everywhere. Some babies. The whole place reeked of urine.
They had one window open to help people. State dept needs more help there if they are going to help people get their children out quicker.
Keep praying,

Yes, this is true. Thank you for the forward. Information changes often so I will keep you updated. As soon as we hear that adoptions are being processed for children not currently matched with families, we will begin work immediately to assist. The people with jcics were wonderful yesterday, I remain in touch with them as well to try and assist as quickly as possible. Thank you very much! Rhonda

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