ProVision Foundation in cooperation with Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church has established a Haiti Relief Fund which will involve funding the organizations listed to the right and will balance immediate relief and ongoing development funding as more assessment and strategy is solidified. Additional trusted organizations may be included in the distribution of this fund if deemed appropriate and helpful to the overall effort. Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church is handling the gifts for this fund.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Update: Harvest Field Ministries #9.2

I have to say that God is beyond good! As I was getting the kids ready I felt the need to try to get Brian (again) on the phone. I prayed, God please let it go through, and viola I get them. It was right after the 6.1 aftershock. Everybody is okay.

He and some of the other guys were in the store building and had to run. He said after that he just can't imagine what they all went through.

As I get more information I will let everyone know. Thank you for the prayers.


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